decorative facing for acoustical ceiling panels

Our products for the ceiling applications are based on flame-retardant glass veil types. The material is used in various area weights. The grammage of the raw veil depends on the characteristics of the final ceiling panel from our customers.
The coatings pastes are flame-retardant as well, so our costumers reach a high fire class with the final products. The high requirements for the acoustic properties of the printed glass veil are reached by a special coating technology. Beside plain printed products in white or colours, design and structured surfaces are produced.

wall applications

The glass veils for wall applications do have a lower area weight, e.g. 25 – 50 g/m². These veils were either converted directly to short rolls (25m or 50m length). Or, depending on the customer’s request, the material gets pre-coated. Besides the converting of glass veil types, cellulose veil types are in use as well.